Did you know that after energy, agriculture is the second biggest emitter of greenhouse gasses worldwide?

The way we get our food is a problem. Producing food on an industrial scale involves the combined use of land, water, pesticides, fertilisers, livestock and energy. 

Not only does it take up a lot of space and resources (an estimated 40% of the terrestrial area of the planet and 70% of globally consumed freshwater)², but it also causes a ton of other negative environmental impacts like contaminating water with pesticides and excess nutrients and contaminating the air when applying fertilisers and pesticides.

Animal welfare aside, livestock farms are also a big emitter of greenhouse gasses through animal digestion (methane) and manure, as well as through water contamination.²

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Here’s a bit more information on how eating less meat helps the planet.

How can we do better? Buy food from small-scale local producers who use organic processes to grow their food or rear animals!

Alternatively, you could get your food straight from Mother Nature. Here’s a guide on how to source food naturally.

Sources: [1] Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2014: Climate Change 2014: Synthesis Report. Contribution of Working Groups I, II and III to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. p.88. [2]  OECD, 2019, Agriculture Policy Brief. OECD Publishing, Paris, p.1.

Suggested Food suppliers

  • Chèvrerie des Ardoisières

    La Chèvrerie des Ardoisières is located on the way to the Prodains gondola, right under the Avoriaz cliffs, this goat farm produces a variety of goats’ cheeses.

  • Chèvrerie des Félires

    Chèvrerie des Félires is a goat farm in Les Gets makes sure their production process is environmentally friendly. Their goats’ cheeses are available on site, in Carrefour Saint Jean d’Aulps and the Carrefour Montagnes in Les Gets.

  • Chèvrerie des Ours

    La Chèvrerie des Ours is a goat farm in Les Gets which makes a variety of different flavoured goats’ cheeses.

  • La Ferme du Caly

    La Ferme du Caly is a dairy farm in neighbouring Sain Jean d’Aulps. Alongside cheese, they also produce faisselle cheese, douceur du Mont Caly (a whipped white cheese), tomme blanche fermière and flocon du caly (both fresh cheeses), different types of yoghurts.

  • La Ferme des Hauts Forts

    La Ferme des Hauts forts is a dairy farm specialising in raising goats and goats’ cheeses, located in Montriond.

  • Ferme de Caroline

    Certified by Nature & Progrès and located in Les Gets, La Ferme de Caroline makes sure their processes are organic and environmentally friendly. They produce a variety of goats’ and cows’ cheeses, assorted charcuterie and saucisson.

  • Le Clos aux chèvres

    Le Clos aux Chèvres is a goat farm in Saint Jean d’Aulps specialising in goats’ cheeses but also producing pork charcuteries, veal and beef.

  • Ferme de la Lanche

    Certified by Ecolabel, La Ferme de La Lanche is a family dairy farm in the Abondance valley offering pork meat, beef and charcuterie. They also stock local products from other producers like: escargots, honey, flour, jams, eggs, wine and alcohol.

  • La Ferme de Seraussaix

    La Ferme de Seraussaix is located in the heart of the ski station, you’ve probably taken the Seraussaix chair lift directly over it. In the summer you can hear their cows grazing if you’re hiking near the Nyon plateau. They’re a collective of 3 farmers that produce milk and a variety of cheeses.

  • Ferme du Milieu

    La Ferme du Milieu specialises in pork meats but also produces beef. They deliver and all meats are packaged sous-vide. They are located in Habère-Lullin.

  • Ferme des Hermones

    This farmer, located in Vailly, offers beef, veal and lamb products all from animals raised on site. He delivers to you with all meats packaged sous-vide.

  • Ferme Boisier

    Find the products of the Boisier family farm, GAEC Les Places, on Wednesdays at the Morzine market. Cow’s cheese (their abundance is delicious!) and goat’s cheese. Based in Rivière-Enverse, they make their summer home in the Alpage de Fréterolles in Morzine (Vallée de la manche).

  • Ferme des 4 saisons

    The Ferme des 4 Saisons grows produce and as raise their animals on site near Lake Geneva. For businesses, they supply seasonal fruits and vegetables and Tomme de Savoie. It’s important to note that they source some of their fruit from producers which aren’t nearby.

  • Ferme des 3 becs

    La Ferme des 3 Becs, located in Vailly, raises cattle and specialises in beef and veal.

  • GAEC La Touvière

    GAEC la Touvière is a family-run farming collective selling different types of cheeses, among Tomme, Abondance and Raclette, located in Essert-Romand.

  • Pisciculture des Meuniers

    Certified by Bienvenue à la Ferme, the fish farmer Pisciculture des Meuniers is located in Morzine and supplies classic and rainbow trout as well as arctic char, all native to Morzine’s Dranse river

  • Domaine Crépy de Mercier

    This producer located in Ballaison, makes a variety of different whites, reds, rosés and bubblies (and even some eau de vies) all from local grapes and all from the Savoie AOP.

    Wine Supplier

  • Domaine Delalex

    La Cave Delalex produces a few different wines: 2 whites, one from Chasselas and the other from a mix of local grapes, and a red and a rosé from Gamay grapes. All wines are from the Savoie AOP.

    Wine Supplier

  • Domaine de Ripaille

    The Château et Domaine de Ripaille specialises in their Chasselas white, the Chasselas de Ripaille which is also of the Savoie AOP. They are located in Thonon.

    Wine Supplier

  • Au Délice Chocolaté

    Au Délice Chocolaté is a family owned and operated business dedicated to making delicious chocolate from local products and are located right in the centre of Morzine.

  • Le Comptoir du Miel

    Le Comptoir du Miel sells a variety of different honeys and always make sure their producers source their honey ethically. They do stock honeys which are produced overseas but be on the lookout for those harvested in France. They are located in Morzine.

  • Ruchers du Haut Chablais

    Les Ruchers du Haut-Chablais are a small family owned farm in Allinges, that has produced honey for 3 generations. They produce a variety of honeys from local bees and trees.

    Honey Supplier

  • Ruchers de Nade

    Les Ruchers de Nade raises her bees in the most artisanal way possible: manually, organically and far away from industrial areas. They are located in Bellevaux.

    Honey Supplier.

  • L'escargotière d'Arno

    L’escargotière d’Arno located in Mieussy, breeds and sells snails. They offer processed products made from snails. They are partners of Bienvenue a la Ferme. They also offer group and educational tours.

  • Les escarpés

    Les Escarpés is a farm that raises and sells snails in Bellevaux The snails are raised ethically, feeding on naturally growing greens and without any sanitary or veterinary intervention.

  • Bonjour Little Green

    Bonjour Little Green, located in Anthy-sur-Léman, grows micro herbs and micro-greens at their indoor vertical farm with organic soil and chemical free! Their products are either delivered in heavy duty plastic trays which they recover or in compostable packaging.

  • Potager des Fourches

    Market gardener: direct sale of vegetables, plants and fruit, certified organic. Based in Fessy, you can find them every Wednesday morning at the Morzine market.

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