Did you know that a large majority of dry cleaners commonly use perchloroethylene and stain removers composed of toxic products (1)?

These toxic substances are found in wastewater discharges and their use represents a 100% relative impact on the ozone layer. (2) 

Dry cleaning is the historical process using the toxic solvent perchloroethylene. Because of its strong impact on the environment and on health, this hydrocarbon will be banned in all dry cleaners on January 1, 2022. (3) 

Ecological cleaning is possible. Indeed, water cleaning, or aquanettoyage, uses water as a base with the addition of natural or biodegradable detergents: little toxic discharge and risk of pollution, especially on the ozone layer and discharges into aquatic environments. 

Source: (1) Pressing écolo. Nettoyage à sec et au vert ! (2) : Bilan environnemental des solutions de nettoyage utilisables en pressing (3) 



    Aqulia is located near Annecy in Cran-Gevrier. The company has two labels, Ecolabel and IdeGreen, so they don’t use any solvent and have biodegradable products. They sale their professional ecological laundry IDEGREE


    Baleo, located in Marignier, uses aqua-cleaning process, is ROHS and REACH compliant and uses biodegradable detergents and stain removers made in France. The company reduces waste and packaging as they offers bulk sale of detergents and fabric softeners. They use biodegradable and recyclable kraft paper bags, and reusable shopping bags.


    Pressing des Arcades is located in Veigy Foncenex. They offers ecological solutions that save water and energy, use biodegradable detergents and use aqua-cleaning process.


    Sequoia Pressing is located in Bonne. They use Greenearth process which is a clean technology based on D5 silicone which is coupled with biodegradable detergents. Covers and packaging bags are recycled and 100% recyclable and they try to reduce water consumption. On site, all furnitures are made in France, prints on green printed paper.

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