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Montagne Verte is a non-profit association working towards a low-carbon future for the Haut Chablais region. We undertake ambitious projects, lobby governing bodies and support local stakeholders to drastically reduce carbon emissions and prepare for a changing future.

In order to support our work local businesses are asking guests to the area to contribute €9 to go towards the carbon impact of travel to resort. This is a simple way to contribute towards climate adaptation locally, enabling Montagne Verte to work on projects such as encouraging train travel, improving local transport options and supporting businesses and residents to reduce their carbon impact and prepare for the future.

This will enable us to

  • Provide more services to local businesses to support their transition to lower carbon operations
  • Invest in more ground breaking projects such as the BioCyclette organic waste collection and the AlpinExpress pass to encourage and reward train travel 
  • Lobby for more sustainable transport improvements within and to Morzine, Les Gets & Avoriaz
  • Work towards climate adaptation for businesses within the Haut Chablais
  • Continue to provide more events and services for local residents to help lower everyone’s carbon impact

The impact of Montagne Verte’s projects

Second hand shop: In winter 23-24 almost 20 tonnes of CO2eq was saved by reusing clothes sold in the second hand shop. That’s equivalent to around 100 european flights! 790kg of clothing was sold and saved from landfill or incineration.

BioCyclette: In winter 23-24 4,7 tonnes of food waste was collected, avoiding incineration and creating biogas. This saved almost 6 tonnes of CO2eq the same as around 30 flights from London to Geneva. Collecting by bicycle further impacted this, by avoiding petrol being used to transport this waste.

AlpinExpress: In winter 23-24 111 travellers used the pass, saving around 44 tonnes of CO2eq, compared to if they had flown. By offering discounts in a range of businesses this pass helps encourage people to take the train and mitigate the increased cost of doing so.

Green Guides & Education: Montagne Verte have produced a database of eco-friendly solutions from cleaning products, to construction to energy suppliers.

AMAP: Local organic vegetables help reduce the carbon impact of your diet, reducing food miles, use of fertilizer and packaging. However, most importantly an AMAP can encourage consumers to eat less meat as they receive fresh vegetables each week, and it supports local producers working in more sustainable ways. This highlights the importance of projects that don’t just reduce carbon, but also improve biodiversity and sustainable practices.

Advocacy work: Montagne Verte works with local government and stakeholders to help influence policy destinations, such as sitting on the Cycle mobility working group and the Flocon Vert copil. Montagne Verte also works to encourage better train links and more awareness of train travel. 

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Don’t forget to visit the second hand shop on Rue du Bourg, you might pick up a bargain and help support the association!

Our partner businesses

Skiology Chalets

A company with ambitious sustainability goals and a MV supporter since the start.

Alikats Mountain Holidays

One of the founders of MV that puts sustainability at the centre of their business.