Hygiene Products

Did you know that most hygiene products use substances derived from plastic?

With all of these hygiene products, huge quantities of microplastics then seep into sewers which end up polluting forests, crops, waterways or even our oceans.

Every day we use hygiene products that have an impact on both our bodies and the environment. The biggest risks are skin-related (irritation, allergies, etc.) and even worse, that many of the chemical ingredients can be transferred through bodily fluids (urine, blood, through umbilical cords or breast milk).


A large part of the components that appear in cosmetic products are made from petrochemicals and contain carcinogenic substances, pesticides, synthetic plasticizers, etc. The impacts on the environment are disastrous. Some cosmetic products even contribute to the thickening ozone layers by emitting what are called Volatile Organic Compounds. Most of these chemical substances persist in water even after filtration and then contaminate the water which we then draw tap water from. We’re ingesting, in turn, the plastics that we ourselves pour down our own drains!

Moving towards ecological cleaning products is an act of being conscious about what is good for our health, and respect for the environment and what’s needed to protect it. 

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  • Je suis Bio

    Je Suis Bio offers ecological hygiene products (only shower gels and creams) certified by Cosmos Organic, Ecocert and made in France. These products are made with a minimum of 10% of bio ingredients and are 100% biodegradable in 28 days. Recycled and recyclable packaging.

  • Douce Nature

    Douce Nature’s ecological hygiene products are certified by Cosmos organic, Ecocert, made in France and don’t contain palm oil. Their packaging is made of 100% vegetable origin. They support the associations: Fair for life, 1% for the planet.

  • Natessance

    Natessance offers ecological hygiene products certified by Cosmos organic, Ecocert, One Voice, made in France and without palm oil. 100% vegetable plastic packaging made out of cane sugar and is 100% recyclable.
    Léa Nature’s head office is a certified refuge LPO (committed to protecting local biodiversity) and supports the global collective “1% for the Planet”

  • Centifolia

    Centifolia offers products certified by Cosmos organic, Ecocert, made in Francee and with 100% natural fragrances. The production site is committed to protecting local biodiversity (certified refuge LPO), is 25% energy autonomous and uses renewable energies for the other 75%. Centiifolia features a DIY section and a blog.

  • Coslys

    Coslys offers ecological hygiene products made in France, certified by Cosmos organic, Ecocert, One Voice and Cruelty Free. Product ingredients of at least 95% natural origin, perfumes of 100% natural origin and 100% plant active ingredient. They use three-time filtered osmosis water: by doing this, 60% of the water cannot be used for making cosmetics so they recycle it by using it for cleaning during production.

  • Parfums d'ici

    Parfums d’Ici offers, products made in France, large 5L refillable container, soap distributor dolceo.com.
    Brand that supply businesses.

  • Cellande

    Cellande is a specialist in hand soaps made in France. You can easily find the product you want as you can filter by sector (hospitality, agriculture, transport, health, etc.), by type of soap, by Ecolabel products, by container type..
    Brands that supply businesses.

  • Direct Hôtellerie

    Direct Hôtellerie is specialised in products for hotels, they offer ecological hygiene products certified by Ecolabel and Eco Nordic Swan with recyclable packaging.
    E-commerce platform for business.

  • ADA Cosmétiques

    ADA Cosmétiques offers 3 ecological brands, Eco by Green Culture and Floraluxe which are certified by Ecolabel, the brand Eco Boutique is certified by Nordic Swan. The brands save energy (40%) due to cold production process and moderated use of water and energy during production.
    E-commerce platforms for business.

  • Hotel Megastore

    Hotel Megastore offers ecological product range B.Natural and Natural Lab which are certified by Ecolabel and Icea Eco Bio Cosmetics.
    E-commerce platforms for business

  • HD Fragrances

    HD Fragrance has a natural collection which isn’t certified but contains no artificial colouring, silicone, SLS, paraben, EDTA BHT and petrochemicals.
    E-commerce platform for business

  • Objectif Mains

    Objectifs Mains offers Cellande as brand which is certified by Ecolabel. Cellande offers 5L large containers and 500ml containers. To find these products, here is the path on the site: Catégories ‘Mains’ / ‘Nettoyant Mains Écologique’ et ‘Savon d’Atelier’.
    E-commerce platform for business

  • L'Arbre Vert

    L’Arbre Vert only offers ecological hygiene products certified by Ecolabel, ARCAA and Allergy Friendly, made in France and without any artificial colouring. Products are not tested in animals. All products are concentrated so less packaging, and packaging are 100% biodegradable. The brand has a system for recycling their packaging.

  • Greenweez

    Greenweez is an online platform which offers a range of different ecological categories such as grocery, drink, health and ecologically responsible hygiene products certified by the labels Ecocert and Nature et Progrès.

  • Big Green Smile

    Big Green Smile, offers cosmetics certified by Ecocert, Cosmos Organics, Vegan Society, Demeter, Commerce equitable, and made in France: the platform stocks mainly ecological products. The company makes an effort on packaging as they use less and recyclable materials. Warehouse and offices are heated to minimum, use no paper and employees travel by bike when possible

  • La Fourche

    La Fourche favours brands which source their raw materials locally and works wherever possible with local producer. Products are certified by Cosmos Organics, Nature et Progrès, Cruelty free and/or Vegan and are made in France

  • Aventure Bio

    Aventure Bio, located in Annecy, offers ecological soap and shower gel Les Affranchis made in Grenoble in 5L to refill 300ml and 500ml containers, certified by Nature et Progrès.

  • Onatera

    Onatera offers products certified by Cosmos Organic, Ecocert, One Voice, Vegan and many of them are made in France.Onatera offers DIY guides and recipes for homemade cosmetics and has a blog.

  • Sens Nature

    Sens Nature offers products certified by Cosmos Organic, Ecocert and not tested on animal. Sens Nature offers family packs, brands on offer with large containers.There is the possibility to filter search by certification. All packaging are made from recycled materials

  • Palm and Pine

    Palm Pine Skincare is made in Europe. Their sun cream is vegan, ocean friendly and cruelty free. Packaging is plastic-free, recycled and recyclable

  • Laboratoires de Biarritz

    Laboratoire de Biarritz offers sun creams made in Biarritz, certified by Cosmebio and Ecocert. The company offers cosmetics of natural origin made from red algae from the Basque countries : 99.5% of the ingredients are of natural origin and up to 97.5% of the skincare products come from bio agriculture.

  • EQ

    EQ Love offers ecological sun cream made in France, in Biarritz, certified by Ecocert, Ecocert, PETA, FSC and Imprim’Vert for packaging. Sun creams are vegan, cruelty friendly, made with 95% of ingredients of bio and vegetable origin and there is no expiration date.


    UVBIO offers ecological sun cream made in France certified by Cosmébio, Ecocert, Qualité France and Vegan Society. The solar filters made from 100% natural mineral origin. The company reduced packaging: individual tubes aren’t packaged in individual cardboard packs.

  • Econatural Lucart

    Econatural Lucart is made in France and is 100% recycled as it is made from recycled food cartons (milk, orange juice, soup, etc.). There is no whitening agents and no artificial colouring. It is certified by Ecolabel. Even the packaging is 100% recyclable.

  • Unisoap

    Unisoap is a French non-profit association created in 2017, whose aim is to collect and recycle waste soap from hotels and use them for humanitarian purposes. Their objective is to transform waste in to a useful resource for vulnerable populations by giving them access to hygiene.
    Recovery of non-used soap bars

  • SapoCycle

    SapoCycle, in Mulhouse, is a non-profit organisation that collects soap thrown away and turns them in to new soap. The soap is recycled by handicapped persons and then distributed to improve the sanitary conditions of families in need.
    Recovery of non-used soap bars

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