BioCyclette combines a bike-powered waste collection with methanisation which valorises the organic waste of the Haut Chablais region, whilst helping businesses comply with the 2024 regulations concerning the fight against waste and the Circular Economy.


The benefits for your business

  • Prove your compliance with the réglementation 2024
  • Reduce kitchen odeurs
  • Improve your attractiveness as an employer
  • Outsource your internal costs of managing organic waste (transport ~2k€/5t.year in 2017). Reduce your RS Redevance Spéciale.
  • Demonstrate your environmental commitment to your customers in allowing Morzine to remain at the forefront of environmental responsibility, alongside 60 waste collection associations in France.
  • Associate your business with an eco-positive approach by limiting daily private vehicle traffic between restaurants and the dechéterie, using a silent and road-friendly transport.

The plus points

A regular, discreet non fuss waste collection compatible with the local methanizer.

  • Quality sorting enabling methanization
  • Low impact on roads
  • Quiet, reduced odour
  • Door-to-door collection
  • Traceability: we prove the valorization down to the kilogram, ensuring your waste treatment compliance
  • In line with the values of a prominent biking destination
  • Low carbon footprint
    – Less automobile traffic in the village
    – less methanogenic fermentation in household waste
    – less incineration of plastics to burn bio-waste
    – substitution of fossil gas by renewable biogas

The cost

  • 20€ la mise à disposition du seau normalisé 22L avec couvercle, pour toute la durée du contrat
  • Charged per kg collected – possible decreasing rate for larger volumes.
  • Option for a “BioCyclette contribution” charged at the discretion and by default to your customers to offset the carbon emissions of their stay. Suggested prices::
    – hôtels : €9/week
    – restaurants : €0,50/meal

Sign your business up

To sign your business up, send an email to with the following details:

Your Name
Phone number
Name of business
The exact address the waste would be picked up from