Our Work

Sustainable Solutions to preserve our alpine environment

We envision a valley in which mountains, people and biodiversity thrive.
A united community building a carbon neutral, sustainable future for all.

Our vision drives us forward in our actions. Our work is transversal, as complex and varied as our mountain environment. All these different aspects must be taken into account and are inseparable. we work tirelessly to provide sustainable solutions to preserve our environment.




General Assembly 2022

Presentation of our work in 2022: Slides and Summary

‘Process Verbal’ document.



General Assembly 2021

Presentation of our work in 2021: Slides and Summary



OUR FIRST YEAR – September 2020


  • Raised over €30,000 in funding. 70% spent so far on three salaries, the rest on expenses
  • Recruited a part-time Sustainability Director: a Management Consultant with two decades of experience, 12 years of which in sustainability (arguably the most qualified person in this part of Europe!) who proposed and has begun work on 3 different large-scale projects:
  • Establish a commercial train line between Lille and the North-Alps in order to reduce emissions linked to plane travel.
  • (Currently, the Mairie of Morzine has given its formal support for this project and the Mairies of Les Gets and Essert Romand have expressed support in principle for it and are taking the necessary measures to support it formally).
  • Launch a local pilot bio waste collection scheme in Morzine: have an e-bike collect commercial bio waste daily and deliver it to a bio-gas plant nearby.
  • Developed and launched the Green Pages; A database of eco-friendly products and services to help you and your business make ecological choices.
  • Participated in the Morzine/Avoriaz led initiative of getting the Portes du Soleil accredited with the Flocon Vert: a label which certifies that a mountain based tourist destination is making substantial efforts to make its resort green.
  • Organised and led several community events.



November 2019

  • Currently have over 70 paying members and a network of over 400 supporting members
  • Organised several community events to raise awareness: plastic free kitchen, two fix it events, clothes swap, crafternoons for upcycling, screening of Patagonia film, etc.
  • Organised and held a presentation to community in both French & English to raise awareness about the climate emergency and raise support to recruit a Sustainability Director (130 attendees including CCHC, Mairies, Tourist Offices and local business).
  • Ran a successful advertising campaign for the role of Sustainability Director, with over 160 applicants from over 40 countries, gaining interest from local professionals to sustainability experts at the U.N Development Programme
  • Created Morzine Ride Share, a platform to reduce the number of vehicle journeys in the region
  • Created The Pledge, a commitment from businesses to improve their environmental practices by working towards a set of personalised targets
  • Organised several research projects through a team of volunteers on:
  • Benchmarking sustainability projects in other ski-resorts around the world
  • Sustainable cleaning product alternatives for local businesses
  • Created PDF explainer on how to register and vote in Local municipal elections
  • Successfully engaged local stakeholders on issues of sustainability
  • Began the planning process of presenting to local schools on sustainability issues
  • Met with Terragr’eau and began conversations with CCHC about food waste collection for the region – currently a huge emitter of greenhouse gases