An opportunity to change the way you travel, save money and emissions.

We need your support!

The pandemic has challenged tourism in the valley and our way of life like nothing before, but climate change presents an even greater threat. We must do more to reduce our emissions.

The majority of emissions from tourism comes from travel, in particular from flying. That’s why we’re launching a new campaign, the ‘AlpinExpress Pass’. 

The idea is simple – as a community we offer a discount to those who travel to us by train. If a tourist can save 10% or more on their accommodation, transfers,  ski pass, ski hire, ski lessons, eating out, and other experiences, we can not only make travelling by train the greener option, but the cheaper option too.

What have we got planned?

On February 1st 2022 we’re planning to launch an international campaign, leveraging the press, social media and key influencers – promoting Morzine and the PDS to an international audience.

The message is simple – our valley will reward and incentivise those who travel to us by train, because we understand that reducing emissions is crucial to saving our Alpine environment. 

Ski resort emissions

How Will It Work?

Sign up! Let us know how much of a discount you can offer and send us your logo. We’ll add your logo and link to your site below.

You’ll then be given a media pack with instructions on what to post online and when.

And Another Thing...

We’re looking to run ‘phase 1’ of this campaign until September 2022. The Morzine Mairie have helped fund this work through a grant of €7,500. We originally planned to charter a train, but the pandemic, and changes with SNCF have delayed this. If Montagne Verte fails to deliver on the charter by winter 22/23 – we will return the grant money. This will not affect our ‘AlpinExpress Pass’ campaign.

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