Reducing waste in the French Alps

Our mission is to develop solutions to protect our alpine environment. Believing that waste is one of the major part of the problem, we advocate a zero waste approach, giving priority to reduction at source.

With our second-hand shop, we want to avoid tons of clothes to end up in landfills.

We organized and participated in several litter picks in Morzine and the region.

We encourage you to recycle of course, you can find out the drop off points in the valley. As a business, we also invite you to facilitate recycling for your customers, employees and guests as well as contact your suppliers to reduce their packaging. If you want to make further changes as a business, do not hesitate to contact us to sign your Pacte.

But the key challenge for our future is not only to recycle but to reduce. You can find tips on our eco-guide

How to Compost

Or on our blog (link when post is live)

What we've done:

Biowaste Project

In our study to develop sustainable solutions, we established list of priority and biowaste is one of them.

Bio-waste is currently not sorted and is mixed with household waste. Every morning, lorries take the waste down 38 km from Morzine to Thonon where it is incinerated.

Biowaste in the open air ferments and releases a powerful greenhouse gas: methane.

The Thonon incinerator is regularly saturated and the waste has to be transported further to other incinerators in the region, which increases truck transport. Biowaste is wet and burns very poorly, to overcome this difficulty the incinerator increases the proportion of plastic incinerated, or injects fossil fuel to burn this biowaste.

By 2025 (French legislation) and 2023 (European directive), bio-waste will have to be sorted – both commercial and private. Faced with this situation, Montagne Verte wants to quickly demonstrate the operational and economic viability of a virtuous collection and recovery of bio-waste.