Research & Analysis

We provide independent analysis on political and environmental decisions.

We made major research for our green pages to provide businesses with a strong database of eco-friendly solutions to every day problems.

What we've done


In the beginning of 2020, the residents of Morzine were being asked to make a large investment in the Express Morzine – Avoriaz lift (EMA) .

Montagne Verte had been neutral on the subject however, a lot of our members have asked us to form a view so we commissioned an independent analysis of the plans for the EMA.

We were very surprised by the results. We felt it was essential to share this information with the public prior to making that investment decision

Below you will find the summary of our analysis and following that, the public statement released following the responses to our report.

Ski Industry Research

We monitor and benchmark sustainable decisions and actions throughout the Alps and further.

It helps develop more concrete sustainable solutions for the valley. (link benchmarking document)