In France, Transport is the most polluting sector of greenhouse emissions in France. In the Northern Alps, around 75% of the carbon emissions associated with tourism are from travel. We want to build a sustainable future for all, ensuring people can enjoy the mountains for generations to come. To do this we need to improve mobility in the Alps and also within our own valley.

What we've done

Ride Sharing

Car sharing a car is a really simple solution to reducing pollution. If you’re making a trip in our out of the valley, or if you’re looking for a ride, make sure you check our facebook group Morzine Covoiturage.

Ride your bike

In the Alps biking is a popular sport but it is and should be prioritised as an alternative to more polluting transport. We are proud to be a member of the FUB (French Federation of bicycle users) who work to promote soft mobility.

We have also organised bike packing events and are thrilled to be linked with the inspiring adventures of Gill and Camille who have used their bikes as a way to raise money and awareness.


An opportunity to revolutionise transport to the northern alps. Click here to read more about our most ambitious project to date.