Education and Biodiversity

When it comes to preserving the environment and changing behaviours, education is key. You protect what you love, so we want to make sure that everyone learns to love.

Education is the first step to action. It can bring about a fundamental shift in the way we see things because once we have awareness, we can truly understand the dangers we face and the real importance of a transition to ecological living.

We organize workshops, conferences and events as well as collaborating with national institutions to raise awareness and promote environmental education.

How can you get involved in this?

Fete de la nature logo

Participate in Fête de la Nature in May; a nationwide event that we organize in the Valley.

Climb it for climate logo

Get outdoors and raise climate awareness with Climb it For Climate. These events, organised in partnership with our friends One Tree at a Time, take place several times a year and you can take part from anywhere across the globe.

Explorama logo

Bring your family to the Dérêches in Morzine, and follow the Explorama route to discover nature and biodiversity around you.

Climate Fresk logo

Register for one of our Climate Fresk workshops to better understand the complexities of Climate Change.