Circular Economy

The term ‘Circular Economy’ refers to a fundamental shift in the way we use our planet’s resources to make things and generate value in our economy. A circular economy is essential to help us create a more equitable and environmentally resilient future.

Read our blog post dedicated to the topic to learn more.

What we've done

Refurbish, repair and reuse:

One of the most proactive ways to ‘close the loop’ is to refurbish and repair rather than throw away. Reusing products and making things last longer are the most effective ways of achieving circularity within key product areas from clothes to electronics.

We have organised many Fix-It events and upcycling workshops to facilitate and teach people how to make things last longer by repairing or repurposing. The ‘repair not replace’ philosophy remains at the core of our work.

Second-hand shop

Most recently, we opened a second hand shop (in partnership with One Tree at a Time) where you can buy pre-loved clothes and sports gear that have been donated from across our valley. 

Open 7/7 during seasons
10h – 12h (except Thursday) & 14h – 19h
Please check our Google page for up to date opening hours

Our Objectives are:

1/ REDUCE WASTE : The best way to Reduce waste is to Re-use! Clothes and sports equipment are often discarded or left unused when they are still in good condition.

2/ PROMOTE CIRCULAR ECONOMY: Upgrading your wardrobe doesn’t have to mean buying new. As well as selling second hand clothes,  we’ll have workshops for repairing, sewing and helping make things last longer. 

3/ SOCIAL: We want to provide locals with clothes and equipment at an affordable price. Mountain sports and mountain life can be expensive and as a result, exclusive. Being able to buy second hand makes the mountains more accessible.

Would you like to donate?
We accept clothing and outdoor gear of all seasons. Please make sure the clothing is clean.
It’s easier for us if you donate during opening hours but if you can’t, there is a wooden box at the front which is always open.

WE DO NOT TAKE: HELMETS, TOYS, BOOKS, BEDDING, FURNITURE. ANYTHING THAT IS NOT CLOTHING OR OUTDOOR GEAR. You can donate those items to Emmaus, Les Scouts or Secours Catholique in Thonon.

Upcycled Jackets

With One Tree at a Time, we  have collected uniform pants and jackets from ski schools which are ordinarily  used for one season but then cannot be worn by anyone else due to visible branding. Local seamstresses are paid to expertly cover up the logos with a gore-tex patch and then good quality jackets are able to be sold on at affordable prices. Wearing a patch has become a badge of honour!

The Chab

The local currency “The Chab” is now accepted in our Shop.

It helps to circulate money at a local level, promote short circuits and provide a sustainable, ethical, social and solidarity-based local economy.