1 December 2021

Our upcycled jackets

In partnership with the association One Tree at a Time, we collect trousers and jackets from ski instructors or tourist offices or any other socio-professional who has jackets with logos and who is renewing their equipment.

When these jackets are replaced, they are often in very good condition but cannot be reused because of the company or resort logos.

With local seamstresses and volunteers from the association, we cover the logos with custom-made patches, the seams are then waterproofed and these good quality jackets can then be reused and live their second life. These “upcycled” jackets are reused or sold for the exclusive benefit of associations.

In recent years, the practice of upcycling has been booming. Its objective is to add value to used products by giving them a new, more qualitative life. In concrete terms, the idea is to recover all kinds of materials that are no longer used to create objects or products of superior quality.

When you upcycle, you upgrade and minimize waste.

It is a perfect example of the circular economy that focuses on product longevity, reuse, refurbishment, recycling and material efficiency, and minimising waste.

Wearing a patch has become a badge of honour!

Many thanks to the Morzine-Avoriaz Tourist Office, Les Gets Tourist Office, Mint Snowboarding, The Snow Institute, Billski, Supreme Ski, Torico, for donating their old uniforms, jackets and trousers.

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