17 September 2019

Our new direction

Exciting things are happening for Montagne Verte and we want you to be involved! On Tuesday 10th September we hosted two presentation (in French & English) to announce our new working model to the community and we were stoked to see so many of you turn up! 130 people wanting to know more about what we can do in the face of the changing climate is an encouraging sign. This is something we have to work towards together and our community is proving ready for the challenge. 

If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a summary of what went down (only you don’t get the free wine this time).

We are now an officially registered charitable association and will be overseen by a Conseil d’Administration with representation from across the community. 

Our plan is to work on behalf of local businesses and concerned residents to help future proof our valley’s micro-economy against the changing climate. By delivering an ambitious programme of change we will be able to brand ‘the valley’ as an eco-destination. 

We believe that long term Morzine and it’s neighbours have the potential to become one of the most environmentally friendly group of resorts in the Alps, and with consumer trends changing, this reputation will help local businesses continue to thrive. 


The Montagne Verte Conseil will agree upon a job description for a full time ‘Sustainability Director’, employed by Montagne Verte, who will work on behalf of the community on all things climate change and sustainability related. Giving support and guidance to local businesses to help them become more eco / sustainable.


Montagne Verte is a charity funded by the community it serves. Therefore, funding will need to be raised to pay for the Sustainability’s Director salary and other overheads, most likely via the following mechanisms:

  • Local businesses paying monthly subscriptions
  • One off donations from individuals (through awareness campaigns – via website etc.)
  • Targeted approaches to HNWIs (high net worth individuals) 
  • Grant applications

We aim to have the Sustainability Director in place by December 2019.

Once recruited, a reporting structure will be agreed with the Sustainability Director and the Conseil, with priorities laid out, alongside monthly or quarterly reporting in place to the broader Montagne Verte member network. Transparent accounting with financial reports will be made available to the members and to the public. We can then start driving change to benefit the community and the planet!


In order to achieve all these things, we welcome support not just from our community but from anyone!

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Whether it is 250 Euros a month or a one off 5 Euros, it really helps! Our online donation platform will be live very soon or you can click here for our RIB if you would like to set up a direct debit.

We all have a role to play in this climate emergency, and Montagne Verte wants to see the sustainable enjoyment of the mountains for years to come…

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