Le Pacte

Cut your business's carbon footprint and improve the way it runs.

What is Le Pacte?

A resource developed to help businesses improve their environmental practices by working towards a set of personalised targets. It is an opportunity for businesses to assess their impact and make a public commitment to becoming better.

Le Pacte was built to provide a structure for those wanting to make sustainable changes but not sure where to start and is available for anyone to use, whether you are based locally or not. It is not an audited label but we want to support you as much as possible, so please keep us updated and we can share your successes so as to inspire others.

Le Pacte Collectif

THESE businesses have written personalized pactes in an effort to reduce their environmental impact and help make OUR REGION a sustainable tourism destination.

Taking le pacte

* Le pacte is currently tailored more to hospitality and retail. We would love input from other industries on how we can make it more relevant to you.



This a short questionnaire to give you a basic idea of your environmental impact. This is a good starting point if you’re really not sure what areas you want to change.



Using the answers from the questionnaire and/or this list of suggestions for inspiration, decide on up to 10 actions you want to take reduce your environmental impact.


Sign your pacte

Send an e-mail to: lepacte@montagnevertemorzine.com with the details of your pacte so we know what you’re working towards and can include you in our Pacte Collectif (above).