30 March 2020

How to plant trees from your living room

We’re all spending a little more time at home than we’d perhaps like to at the moment, but that doesn’t have to stop us from adopting greener habits and being more environmentally friendly. When faced with the dilemma of how we could still make a positive difference without leaving our home, we came across some fantastic initiatives from different companies that plant trees. Planting trees provides work to communities, produces food and above all, reduces the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. We loved this idea so much that we’ve rounded up our favourite ways to plant a tree that are completely covid-safe and in some cases, don’t even cost a penny:


Using the Ecosia search engine, rather than Google or Bing for example, will help plant trees. They use part of the revenue they make from advertising to fund tree planting initiatives all over the world, so it is completely free to use. All you have to do is install the Ecosia plugin and start browsing!


Spare change? Plant Your Change will use it to plant a tree. Once you connect your card on their website, they round up your change from your online purchases to the nearest pound and use it to plant a tree. It’s another simple, no-fuss way of protecting the planet whilst putting your loose change to good use.


Our friends at One Tree at a Time not only plant trees but are also supporting businesses in the Alpine industry in understanding ways in which they can be more sustainable. They’re also building a strong community at the same time. 


At More Mountain, for every guest that stays a tree is planted. When you book with More Mountain, you’re not only in for an epic holiday, but you’ll also be contributing to a healthier and greener planet. Simple yet effective — it’s a yes from us.


Hard Bar has set the bar high with their aim to not only become carbon neutral, but carbon negative. Also, for every bar you buy, they plant a tree! Another great, forward-thinking initiative.


Treedom is a website where you can purchase a tree, which will be planted and grown by a local farmer. They send you the location of where it’s been planted and a picture of your tree as it grows. This reaps all kinds of benefits through not only helping the environment, but also supporting local communities and farmers. You can choose from a huge variety of trees and they make delightful gifts for a friend. 

Words: Bella Charlton

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