25 September 2019


Bec Jaune Brewery is Morzine’s number one hangout for a refreshing craft ale at the end of a hot day on the hill, though last Sunday we saw a different kind of craft being served up and enjoyed by a crowd of thirsty creatives.

In a place that’s decked out with upcycled ski and bike equipment, hand-developed photographs covering the walls and arguably the best homemade menu in town, it’s difficult to sit in there and not become inspired to make ‘something’. That’s why The Bec was the perfect setting for Montagne Verte’s ‘Crafternoon’.

Everything you could possibly need to get crafty

Hands up if you’ve started a project that you’ve never finished… I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s easy to let time slip away whilst best intentions collect dust, especially living in a town where there are so many other activities to fill your down time, and a limited number of days before the lifts shut down and summer draws to a close. Understanding this, Montagne Verte organised an event that gave people a specific time and a place to be creative, learn a skill, share a skill or work on a project that may otherwise have remained unfinished.

Various workshops were available from 3-6pm, including lessons in how to turn old socks into kitchen sponges by The Bec’s own Chrissy Jahier. Alternatively you could learn to make jewellery out of fabric offcuts and repair clothing by stitching or sewing on buttons.  Although it may sound a little ‘W.I.’, the turnout was very representative of Morzine as a whole and it was amazing to see men and women of all ages turning their hands to something new. Perhaps the diverse footfall is down to showing that creativity can also mean practicality, or perhaps it was that it also coincided with Happy Hour at The Bec.

Busy making sponges out of socks.

Whatever the motive, the reaction was incredibly positive and by the end of the day people were asking when the next ‘Crafternoon’ would be. Keep your eyes on Montagne Verte’s events page throughout autumn for updates.

The event wouldn’t have been possible without the help and expertise of Wania Scott (Alpine Alterations) and Alix Destain (Honest Thread), who’s local businesses are indicative of their attitudes towards recycling, upcycling and sustainability. Not only did they share their time and experience with willing participants, they also provided materials and ideas for those wanting to reuse fabric but not necessarily knowing where to start.

Honest Thread fabrics.

The idea of these Montagne Verte events is to engage the community and provide solutions. Taking a familiar aspect of day-to-day life, outlining what small changes could be made to make that life more eco-friendly and sharing the tools to do so. Though we are aware of climate change and its impact on our surroundings, we almost see it as too big and scary a monster to tackle. But there are so many small things that can be incorporated into home and work life that will make a difference. Even if it does feel like you are a tiny drop in our evaporating ocean, we need that water!

Words: Roz Tod
Photos: Samuel McMahon

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