AMAP produce boxes connect consumers directly with producers, reshaping our relationship with agriculture and the food we consume as well as promoting environmentally positive ways of farming.

How does it work?

Every week, at the same time and place, AMAP members come to collect their produce baskets filled with all the products they chose when they originally signed up.

When a consumer signs up, they sign a contract with each of the producers whose products they wish to receive and the contract lasts 1 year.

The members of the Montagne Verte AMAP are an association of consumers who form a partnership with a group of farmers dedicated to organic and sustainable agriculture, and remove any commercial middleman. The farmers/producers commit to provide the produce agreed in each contract signed by the AMAP members

This collaboration between AMAP members and farmers is grounded in a set of principles outlined in the AMAP charter and is part of a rapidly expanding national network, representing a new approach to consumption. For more details, take a look at the AMAP charter.

Practical Info

Sign up

You can download any of the contracts you want below and fill them in at home. Please contact us to organise a time to drop them off with your cheques. If you are paying by bank transfer (the years total sum in one payment) please contact us for the RIBs.

Collection Point

The collection of AMAP baskets will take place every Thursday at the collection point. 

  • 18h-19h : Ecole Sainte Marie à Morzine


Produce will be delivered with the following intervals

  • Vegetables : every week
  • Bread : every week
  • Eggs : every 2 weeks
  • Cheese and dairy products : every 2 weeks
  • Meat : every trimester


Vegetables – Le Potager des Fourches

Bread – Le Fournil de Langin

Eggs – Les oeufs d’Alex

Cheese and dairy products – Les Pâtres des Reines

Meat – La Ferme des Hermones 

Meet the Producers


The price of your basket will vary depending on the different producers you sign up for and the size you choose.

Petit panier  – 10 € (soit 420 €/year)
Moyen panier – 15 € (soit 630 €/year)
Grand panier – 22 € (soit 924 €/year)
Discover the contents of the vegetable baskets.

Cheese / Dairy Products
Petit panier – 9€ (soit 180 €/year)
Moyen panier – 15€ (soit 300 €/year)
Grand panier – 21€ (soit 420 €/year)
Maxi panier – 28€ (soit 560 €/year)
Discover the contents of the cheese & dairy products basket.

Les pains de campagne
Les pains spéciaux
Les pains aux graines
Les pains formats moulés ou façonnés

Discover the prices of all types of bread.


6 oeufs bio – 2,80 €
12 oeufs bio – 5 €
30 oeufs bio – 12 €


Discover the contents of the meat basket.


Are there different sizes of baskets? 

Yes, each producer offers multiple options. 

Do I need to sign up with all the producers?

No, each producer has their own contract, independent to the others. You can sign up for as many or as few products as you want.

How many distributions throughout the year? 

42 weekly distributions of vegetables and bread.
20 fortnightly distributions of eggs, cheese & dairy products.
4 distributions of meat.

Does the AMAP Montagne Verte stop for holidays?

Yes, the distributions will be paused between Thursday 21-18 December, as well as Thursday 9th May 2024 and Thursday 8th & 15th August 2024.

What happens in the case of an absence?

Producers: Holiday and non-delivery dates are stipulated in each contract, depending on the producers.

Amapiens (Consumer) : Two “jokers” can be exercised throughout the year under the following conditions: with a minimum notice period of 10 days and mutual agreement between the Producer and the Consumer, the Consumer has the option to cancel a basket on a specified date and replace it with a double basket on an agreed-upon date. This ensures that there is no alteration to the originally ordered volume.
It is not uncommon to ‘sell’ a basket to a friend who is able to pick it up and use the produce in your absence.

How do I pay for my basket? 

The Amapien (consumer of the AMAP) will pay the producers for their baskets between THURSDAY 28 SEPTEMBER and THURSDAY 5 OCTOBER 2023 by cheque(s) made out to each producer farmer. It is possible to pay in 3 cheques which are cashed at the beginning of each quarter by the farmer.

It is possible to pay by bank transfer if you don’t have a cheque book: A single transfer per producer at the beginning of the contract for the total amount of your baskets.

Why do I have to sign up for a year?

Becoming a member of an AMAP is to consume differently, sharing the risques with farmers and producers and removing the commercial middlemen who, even in organic farming, operate on a large scale supermarket model.  

Paying for your baskets for the year (payment in several cheques possible) means that farmers and producers can benefit from an essential financial advance and anticipate production over almost a year.

Why is organic so important?

Farmers and producers committed to sustainable production have strict specifications to meet. It’s a choice that reflects ecological and social values, a long-term vision and a commitment to respect for living beings, people and biodiversity. This 90 second video does a great job of explaining the role of organic farming in protecting our soil and planet.

What role does Montagne Verte play in this project?

The AMAP is a branch of the Montagne Verte association. Montagne Verte acts as a facilitator between the Amapiens and the farmers to ensure that the AMAP lives and lasts. It is not a commercial project for Montagne Verte.

Do I need to be a member of Montagne Vert to join the AMAP?

Yes, if you are not already a member you can sign up here for as little as 20€.

Comment avez-vous choisi les producteurs? 

For the launch of the project we have chosen farmers in the area of the Haut Chablais who produce organic and sustainable produce. We didn’t want to rule out any producers. We hope that the Montagne Verte AMAP will be renewed in 2024-2025. If you are a farmer and would like to join this project, please contact us!